How to Play

Participating is easy. Here are the core concepts that you'll need to know to get started! If you haven't signed up, do that first!


An activity is a single task, achievement, or milestone that can be completed. Mark an activity as completed to get points.

Examples: sweep the porch, hike Mission Peak, or meet a new coworker.


A board is a personal collection of activities that can be completed, like a to-do list.

While you don't necessarily have to complete every activity to complete a board, the more you complete, the more points you get!


Categories are community-driven topics of interest. Within a category, community members can contribute their ideas of different activities that are related to that category.

For example, a Hiking category might include various hikes in a specific area. There is no limit to how many possible activities can be added to a category.

Create a board from a category if it's a topic you find interesting or want to tackle. You'll get a random subset of activities related to that category in your own personal board!


A group is a collection of like-minded individuals and related categories.

Within a group you can see leaderboards, find categories that are part of the group, and create new categories. Once you discover a group you like, start tackling a category by creating a personal board. You can create your own groups and invite friends to compete with!


The point scheme is as follows: For every activity you complete, you get 10 points. For every board you complete, you get 50 points (in addition to all the points you get from completing the activity).

Managing and Moderation

You can delete your own personal boards at any time, but beware that you will lose any points associated with them!

If you create a group, you are the moderator of that group and any category created under it. If you create a category, you are the moderator of that category (along with the group owner, if the owner is someone else).

As the moderator of a group or category, you can manage the information of that group or category as well as wipe it from existence, along with any boards or points that you and other users have accrued. So don't do this unless there's a good reason to.

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Who is Building This?

You can find out more about Alex here.


I appreciate and thank all that made this project possible.

A lot goes into building an app (obviously). Here are some of the open source frameworks and free services that make this one possible: